Adding new users in Paytis free. This way you can have each co-worker that is involved with credit management use their personal login for Payt.

Adding a user can be done through the Company settings button. The dashboard as illustrated below can be accessed by clicking the Payt logo in the top left of your screen.

Once your company settings have loaded you will find the Users tab on the left. Selecting this tab will give you the option to add a new user via the 'Add user' button on the top right of your screen.

Next up you can fill in basic information for the new user account and grant several levels of access.

After you have added the user they will receive an invitiation via e-mail to set up their Payt account. After accepting this invitation they can choose their own password.

Please note; adding, deactivating and editing users can only be done by Payt users that have full rights on the company level.

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