Invoice can be marked as attention on your dashboard for a multitude of reasons. Most of these issues you can resolve yourself.

Unread messages - contains invoices with an unread message. You can open the invoice and click 'Mark as read' in blue to archive the message.

Uncompleted notes - contains invoices that have a note that is not yet marked as completed. You can mark these notes as completed by clicking 'Mark as done' in blue.

Expired payment plan - contains invoices for which a payment plan was made, but the agreement is not being honoured.

Invoice document missing - contains invoices where no PDF invoice document is present. An invoice document will have to be added through the connection to your bookkeeping software.

Email undeliverable - an email could not be delivered to a certain email address. By opening the relevant invoice you can find the reason for this delivery error in the timeline to the right of your screen.

Online payment registered - invoices that contain a notification of payment being made online. Before the payment can be marked as fully completed, the online payment would still need to be processed in your bookkeeping software.

Below minimum amount - contains invoices that are paused because the open invoice amount is lower than the allowed minimum as configured in your administration settings.

Letter returned - a letter could not be delivered to a certain postal address.

Potential bookkeeping error - contains invoices that were marked as paid over six months ago but were recently marked as unpaid again. This filter also contains invoices on which the amount paid exceeds the invoice amount.

By checking the box next to one ore more of these attention or blocked reasons, only invoices with these reasons will be shown.

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