Invoices can end up in the attention filter for various reasons. Most of the attention reasons you can solve yourself.

Unread messages - contains invoices with an unread message. You can go to the invoice and then handle the message by clicking on 'unread'. Read more

Open Notes - contains invoices with an unhandled note. You can settle the note by clicking on 'settled' in the related invoice under the note.

Past due payment schedule - contains invoices for which a payment schedule has been set, but which are not being fulfilled. Read more

Invoice document missing - contains invoices where no PDF invoice document is linked. An invoice document should be added from the accounting system. Read more

Email undeliverable - an email could not be delivered to a particular email address. By going to the invoice in question, the timeline on the right side shows the specific reason this email could not be delivered. Read more

Online payment registered - invoices with a notification of an online payment. The online payment still needs to be processed in the accounting system before the payment is final and the invoice can be finalized. Read more

Minimum amount reached - contains invoices which have been paused because the invoice amount is less than the minimum amount set for your accounts.

Payment plan requested - you can give your debtors the option of requesting a payment plan, this option is turned on within your own administration. If a debtor then requests a payment plan for an invoice, the request will appear in this filter. Read more

Letter returned - the letter could not be delivered to a certain address. Read more

Possible booking error - contains invoices that were closed more than 6 months ago and are reopened during an import. Also, this filter contains invoices that have been overbooked. Read more

By checking the checkbox next to one or more attention reason(s), only invoices with a certain attention reason(s) are shown.

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