Debtors can be marked as attention for a multitude of reasons. Most of these issues you can resolve yourself.

Unread messages - contains debtors with an unread message. You can open the debtor and click Mark as read in blue to archive the message.

Uncompleted notes - contains debtors that have a note that is not yet marked as completed. You can mark these notes as completed by clicking Mark as done in blue.

Email address missing - contains debtors with no known email address. You can add emailaddresses to your bookkeeping software.

Expired payment plan - contains debtors for which a payment plan was made, but the agreement is not being honoured.

Needs to be called - contains debtors for which the step call your debtor was planned. This is a task list of debtors you should contact.

Ready for debt collection - contains debtors for which one or more invoices are ready for debt collection.

By checking the box next to one ore more of these attention or blocked reasons, only debtors with these reasons will be shown.

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