Unread messages can appear in three different places: with an invoice, a case or with a debtor. In the overview of your administrations you can quickly see if there are unread messages, indicated by the blue speech bubble icon in the picture below.

Handling messages
From the overview of the administrations, click on the name of the administration you want to go to. You will then go to your Administration Dashboard. You can see if there are unread messages by looking at the heading Invoices with unread messages, debtors with unread messages and credit cases with unread messages.

By clicking on the invoices, cases or debtors with unread messages, you will see an overview of the unread messages.

Then, on the right side of the timeline, you can choose:

  • Mark the message as read by clicking 'Mark as read'
  • Reply to the message by clicking on 'New message'

On your dashboard and in the lists of cases, debtors or invoices, the unread message will disappear from the overview, so you can continue processing the next unread message.

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