Many domains limit who can send e-mail on their behalf. If you use Payt it is important to include us in the list of allowed entities, as we are sending e-mail to your debtors on your behalf. Ensuring these e-mails arrive is usually done by adding Payt to your SPF record of the domain used as sender address.

You can check if the SPF record is configured correctly by navigating to Dashboard -> Administration settings -> tab Email

If these instructions are outside your area of expertise you can forward these to your IT department.

I already have an SPF record

If you already make use of an SPF record on your domain then Payt will have to be included in that record. This can be done by adding the following to your SPF record:

Be aware of the underscore, as it is part of the requirements.

I do not yet have an SPF record

If no SPF record is configured on your domain you will need to create this record. A standard SPF record which includes Payt will look like this:

v=spf1 ~all

Keep in mind that the final SPF record in either case needs to be of the TXT type. The older type 99 is no longer supported.

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