If you are currently not using Payt to send your invoices, it may be beneficial to do so. In many cases this can be implemented without issue. You can contact our servicedesk to discuss any potential obstacles.

Necessary adjustments in bookkeeping

If invoice sending is enabled via Payt, we must receive the invoice document from the bookkeeping software. In the event that a debtor is present without an e-mail address and the invoice is to be sent as a letter, it is important to ensure that the debtor's address appears in front of the envelope window. In the bookkeeping software, the invoice sending must then be deactivated.

Envelope Specifications

The window of our envelopes is 20 mm from the left, 50 mm from the top and 72 mm from the bottom. The window has a size of 40x110 mm.

Adjustments in Payt

In the settings for your adminitration, the time slot in which invoices may be sent will need to be set. Additionally, the workflow for how Payt treats invoies will have to be changed, so that we send the invoice as well as any possible reminders. In order to prevent invoices being sent twice or not being sent at all it is important to coordinate with us for a specific time to make these changes.

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