Important: skipping a planned step in one of your invoices is not reversible. Please make sure you have the right invoice selected and that you do not skip a step you did not want to skip.

Sometimes it might no longer be needed to perform a certain step in the Payt process. For example an invoice might be ready to be sent to your debtor by Payt, but you have already sent this invoice yourself.

In these cases you can choose to skip one or more steps that are still planned. To do this the invoice will first need to be paused. Once the invoice is paused you will see that a button 'skip step' is now available.

You can do this for multiple invoices with a bulk action. In the invoice overview you can select the desired invoices and click on the 'bulk action' button on the right. Then the button 'skip invoice send' appears.

Once you have skipped the step(s) you wanted to skip the invoice can be resumed.

Should you wish to subsequently reschedule the steps that remain this also possible. You can read about that here.

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