Each email or letter that your debtor receives from Payt contains a link to the online portal. Through this website, your debtor can ask questions about the invoice, pay directly online, if you offer this option, or make a payment arrangement. 

In some cases, you may not know the e-mail address of your debtor. Your debtor can then choose to provide an email address via the online portal. The list of debtors who have submitted an email address in this way can be found within Payt by filtering the debtor list by 'Specified email address' under the heading 'Attention'.

A second way to find a specified email address is to click on the gear on the right side of your debtor's detail page.

You will then see the settings of the relevant debtor. Under the heading 'Enter e-mail address' you can find the supplied e-mail address of your debtor. 

You can now add this email address in your accounting package. The email address will then be added to Payt during the next import. 

Keep in mind that Payt only renews the data of debtors who currently have an outstanding invoice.

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