In some cases it may be desirable to add a 'Call debtor' step to your debtor process. This step will remind you at a certain point during the process that you should contact your customer. Optionally, this step can also be combined with pausing an invoice. These steps are shown in the dashboard as shown below.

After clicking on Debtors that need to be called, you will see an overview of the debtors that need to be called.

By clicking on a specific debtor you will get the overview as seen below. After contacting your debtor, click on Mark as performed.

You can also select multiple debtors in the debtor list we mentioned earlier. After doing so, the button Bulk actions will appear at the top right. After you click on this button you will see the option to mark the selected debtors as performed at the same time.

Please contact our service desk if you have any other questions regarding the 'Call debtor' step. They can help you apply this step.

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