Payt offers you the option to create tasks linked to invoices, debtors and cases. You can create such a task for either yourself or for a colleague. For example, you can assign a task to your colleague to contact a debtor at a certain date.

Create a task

You can add a task to invoices, debtors or cases. By clicking on Actions, followed by Add to tasklist you have added the task to the tasklist.

Optionally you can fill in instructions and an expiry date when adding a task. Instructions can be used to explain what needs to be done. Expiry date can be used to conveniently sort the tasklist. For example you can leave an instruction like 'Can you call the debtor regarding invoice 1234?' and assign the the task to a colleague.

If you don't assign the task, it will be assigned to the user who created the task.

In top right of the screen, in an invoice, debtor or case, you can see the created task (see picture below).

You can also, create a task for multiple items at once. This can be done by checking multiple invoices, click on Bulk actions followed by Add to task list (see picture below). The same applies for debtors and cases.

How to find the tasklist?

The tasklist can be found in the organisation and also in the administration. In the picture below, the red arrows are pointed towards three places from where you can open the tasklist.

Complete a task

When you go to the tasklist, you can see all the tasks. You can see tasks you have delegated to a colleague at Delegated tasks. Tasks which have been delegated by a colleague to another colleague can be seen at Other tasks. You can check the task(s), click on Bulk actions, followed by Mark as completed. Within 24 hours the marking can be undone. After 24 hours the completed task can be found at Completed.


Only the assigned user can mark a task as completed. At the time line of an invoice, debtor or case will be a notification of the completed task.

You can also complete a task in the invoice, debtor or case itself. By checking the task in the right top corner (see picture below for an example).

All created tasks can be seen by other users and can be found under the categories My tasks, Delegated tasks and Other tasks.

Remove a task

A task can only be removed by the user who created the task. For example, a delegated task can not be removed by the user to which the task has been delegated.

Notification uncompleted tasks

You can set up a daily reminder for uncompleted tasks which have been scheduled for today or earlier. First, click your name in the to right on the screen. In your profile settings you can activate Daily notification of uncompleted tasks.

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