Before you start with Payt, it is important to know how the communication with your debtors works. Do you opt for formal or informal communication for your debtors? The language and country tab is included in the settings of the administration. Under the heading language you can choose from a language variant.

Payt sends various e-mails to your debtors. The final reminder is sent by email and post. When you use iDEAL, this is also shown with the final reminder. The letter is an official WIK letter. A 14-day WIK-letter is a legally required final reminder in which the debtor has 14 days to pay without consecutive costs.

For the formal language variant, we show a number of examples here:

  • The invoice sending and the first reminder:

  • The direct debit invoice sending and cancellation reminder:

  • The second reminder and the final reminder (WIK letter):

Can changes take place in the text?

Payt's e-mails and letters have been drawn up on the basis of research and thus function efficiently. If a change is nevertheless necessary, you can consult the service desk.

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