Payt can not only take care of the follow-up of expired invoices, but can also arrange the sending of the invoice. This has a number of advantages.

1 - From sending the invoice to amicable debt collection in one system

Reactions to invoices and reminders are both in Payt, so you never have to search your mailbox. All communication is also found in Payt. Because the e-mails are always sent in the same style, it is a lot clearer and more reliable for your customer.

2 - Your customers can directly use the online dossier

In the online dossier, your customers can download the invoice in PDF format, respond to the invoice and find the other outstanding and completed invoices. In addition, any outstanding payment plans can be found here.

3 - Debtors can pay online immediately on receipt of their invoice

Every invoice and reminder includes an online payment link. The addition of an online payment link speeds up the payment of your invoices. Customers can make a payment per invoice or pay all outstanding invoices at once.

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